Saniflo Sanicom1 Professional Macerator 32/40mm 1046

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Saniflo’s Professional range of heavy-duty pumps are designed specifically to discharge waste water. The Sanicom1 Professional Macerator pumps up to 10m vertically and can be used with heavy duty dishwashers and washing machines.

 It is ideal for hotels, cafes, laundries, nursing homes, guest houses, pubs, shops and restaurants. Features the option to add an additional alarm system.

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Saniflo Sanicom1 Professional Macerator 32/40mm 1046 Motor Aluminium with stainless steel shaft, thermal cut-out bulb with a bimetallic strip, single disc 96mm impeller.


Container: polyethylene - grey

Dimensions (vertical height is measured from floor level) w490mm h330mm d230mm


Watts (Consumption): 750 watts

Horizontal discharge: max 100m

Vertical discharge: 10m

Gravity fall on horizontal installations: 1/100

Discharge pipe diameter: 32mm /40mm

Working temperature: 35oC

Maximum temperature: 90oC for short periods

Technical note: when used with a shower, the shower tray has to be raised 15 cm above the floor.

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