Electric Boilers

Electric Boilers

Electric boilers from Plumbstore

At Plumbstore we stock high-quality electric boilers from leading manufacturer ThermaFlow. Available in a range of 7 different size and output models, electric boilers are ideal for smaller homes and locations with no mains gas supply. Electric boilers by ThermaFlow offer a range of benefits like energy efficiency and a longer lifespan than conventional boilers.

Browse Plumbstore’s full range of electric boilers by ThermaFlow below or visit your local Plumbstore branch for advice on selecting the best electric boiler for you.

What is an electric boiler?

An electric boiler functions in the same way as a conventional gas boiler but an electrical element provides the heat source. Cold water from your mains supply is heated and then pumped to your central heating system and taps.

Electric boilers are frequently installed in homes where gas central heating systems are impractical, such as new build flats and listed buildings, or there is no mains gas supply.

What are the benefits of an electric boiler?

Buying and installing an electric boiler offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Ideal for heating smaller homes like flats and apartments
  • Cheaper to buy compared to gas and combi boilers
  • Small and compact design
  • Installation costs tend to be cheaper than gas and combi boilers.

View our range of electric boilers below or visit your local Plumbstore branch. At Plumbstore we are also happy to recommend approved boiler installers in your area.

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