Boiler Condensate Heat Tracer 1m

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Boiler Condensate Heat Tracer 1m 10w

  • Power On and Heater On LED's
  • Switches at 3deg C
  • Comes Complete With Fixing Ties, Warning Label, Inline RCD, Junction Box and Internal Insert
  • Will Frost Protect Up To A 32mm Condensate Pipe
  • Can Be Attached Directly The Pipe, No Need To Spiral
  • Only 10mm Insulation Is Needed
  • Universal, For Both Inside And Outside External Condensate Pipe
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Boiler Condensate Heat Tracer 1m 10w The BoilerTrace Condensate trace Heater kit comes complete with 1mtr of heating cable complete with inline thermstat and 1mtr of flex, tie wraps, inline RCD, Junction Box, Warning labels and instructions. The Heater can be connected to any permanent live supply, i.e. your boiler, fused spur or wall socket. The thermostat is the most accurate of its kind being able to switch at 3 degrees so its is only on when it is required. The cable is a 10W/mtr meaning that your running cost are extremely low and with the thermostat your yearly costs will be negligible.
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