Galaxy Aqua 2000E Electric Shower

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The Aqua 2000E electric shower with single mode rub clean shower head and accessories 

Available in 9.5kw and 8.5kw Models

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Electric Showers

The Aqua 2000e electric shower is designed for functional showering and installation it can be fitted over most existing showers and it's "Tempsure!" technology maintains the perfect showering experience every time. 

Available in 9.5kw and 8.5kw Models

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Electric Shower Features

  • Simple to use rotary control for start/stop, power/temperature flow.
  • Three power settings to provide a comfortable temperature all year. 
  •  Flexifit multiple connection options with 6 cable entry points and 8 pipe entry points for an ultra-flexible installation.
  • "Tempsure!" technology offers temperature stabilisation for a comfortable and safe shower.
  • Accessory kit with 1.25m hose, riser rail, soap dish and single mode rub-clean shower head
  • Operating Pressure 1-10 Bar
  • Water Connection 15mm plain shank push fit or standard compression fittings 
  • Two terminal Blocks allow electrical connection from the right or left-hand sides
  • Removable bottom section for ease of installation 
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